Publié par Eric Bertrand, le 06 March 2018

Buying a property: the different steps to become homeowners

The first purchase of your apartment is an important step in your life. This project therefore needs to be carefully thought through and prepared meticulously.
Nearly 95% of French people think that owning one's home is a financial and practical advantage. So, get started! At Tradim-immobilier, we list you the various steps to become owner to facilitate you the steps and to make sure that all the chances are put on your side.

The project

The first thing you need to evaluate when you want to become a homeowner is the size of the project. You must have a clear idea of ​​the property you are buying: land to build a house, a new property, old. The budget will not be organized in the same way for the purchase of a house that needs renovation or a new house.

That's why you have to think about the budget you have, or a new house.

Buying a property: the different steps to become homeowners

Indeed, it is better to make an appointment with his banker so he can give a fork, and especially the amount not to exceed. No need to chain talks, your usual banker is enough to guide you in your project.

You should also know that there is financial assistance for the purchase of real estate.

The property 

As soon as you know what property you want, that you have selected the geographical area, you can start peeling the ads. Newspaper, website, agencies ... All ads corresponding to your criteria must be studied carefully.

Remember to regularly relaunch agencies or to keep in touch with a flat hunter or a negotiator, so he can call you, and not another, if he finds the rare pearl.

Once the property selected, comes the moment of the offer to purchase.

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This step is to block a good so as not to let it pass. You can buy the apartment or house at the advertised price, or you offer a lower price. This offer of purchase can be oral or written and can be formulated by you or your representative, in case you go through an agency.

When the purchase price is agreed, you sign the promise to sell. Before a public officer, a notary, a sale will be held between the two parties present, namely you and the seller.

After the signing of the promise of sale, you have a period of 10 days to retract. If this is the case, simply send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the seller before the deadline expires.

The search for financing 

In order to initiate the steps for a mortgage, you must submit a file impeccable, which confirms your repayment capabilities. Pay slips, invoices, and other vouchers must comply with the banker's request, otherwise your file will not be processed.

In case of refusal, the sale is canceled and the seller refunds you the sums paid upstream.

If the bank accepts the loan application, you finally sign the act of acquisition at the notary and the keys of your new home, you will be given.

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As you will understand, the acquisition of real estate is an important step in a life, which requires a lot of thought. The different steps that we have listed here show that buying a house or an apartment is not easy, but if you follow our advice, you will join the 64% of owners in France.