Publié par Eric Bertrand, le 02 October 2018

Why invest in a hunting area ? 

For those who want to invest, it is important to know how to diversify your wealth. Nowadays, putting your money in the bank is no longer, by far, the most interesting way to make it grow.
Investment in real estate, though it may be riskier in some cases, can yield in return a lot more.
So why not invest in an atypical place, like a hunting area?

Domaine de chasse

Invest in real estate

There are many ways to invest smartly. More and more French people decide to invest in a second home, as revealed by this study conducted by the Elabe Cabinet for Crédit Foncier.

Others prefer to invest in more atypical places, such as a hunting territory. There may be two reasons for investing in a hunting area:

- To be able to rent it and thus, in the long term, to make the investment profitable

- To be able to use it privately.

Investing in a hunting ground will have the same beneficial effect as investing in more traditional real estate, such as a house, an apartment or a building: it is then possible to rent it to anyone who needs it.
Gradually, multiple rentals and revenues from woodcutting will help pay back the initial investment. In addition, if you establish strict rules on the good behavior of the property, you will have as main maintenance to ensure the proper demarcation of the land, and compliance with obligations of your tenant in the maintenance of the property.

Territoire de chasse

Invest for private use

Perhaps you are yourself practicing the noble sport of hunting. In this case, having a private hunting property is the best way to practice it freely. Although the laws regarding the use of firearms obviously still apply, you will be free to hunt as you see fit in your hunting property by respecting the opening and closing periods of the hunt and after have filed a hunting plan with the departmental federation of hunters.

The possession of a hunting area provides well-being in the wild and can capitalize on the value of a forest.

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