Publié par Eric Bertrand, le 27 March 2018

Farmhouse for sale: why invest in a farmhouse ? 

A first purchase is an important step in a life, especially when it comes to choosing what type of property you want to buy. Whether you intend to make it your main home or not, it is important to research and make the right choice.

The first thing to estimate is the budget you have. Once the envelope is determined (cost of renovations included), you can locate the future property. In the countryside to live closer to nature ? Close to the city? Further north to get closer to the capital ? Near a school or a high school ? All of its criteria must be taken into account.

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Invest in a farmhouse 

A farmhouse is a set of buildings, formerly used by farmers or farmers, which was the site of the farm.

There are often stables, sheepfolds, stables. A dwelling house is leaned against these buildings which may have been abandoned or still used. As a result, a farmhouse has a substantial living space and land that can be several hectares.


Not to be confused with the farmhouse built in the length along the axis of the ridge, dwelling of peasants and craftsmen who built their home with locally available materials at the time.
The comfort was simple; a fireplace leaned against the gable wall with an oven outside, a sink next to the front door.

Of course, important renovations are expected. In this type of building, the installations are rarely up to the standards in force. The stone walls are in very bad condition, the various networks and the arrivals of dilapidated water. However it is not uncommon to find traditional timbers and blankets made of small terracotta tiles that have survived the times and are still in good condition.

This is also the charm of an investment in a farmhouse! One of the advantages of this type of good, which stems from this bad state: its price! Indeed, the purchase price of a farmhouse remains relatively accessible, given the space you have, and development possibilities.

If you like challenges and are skilled with your hands, you can start and retype your farmhouse to make a beautiful home, or call on the expertise of local artisans.

Know that investing in a farm is a real estate asset sought investors who want both to get closer to nature, the agricultural community, and settle in a quiet and remote environment.

Renovated real estate assets represent added value in the event of resale while adding value to their wealth.

These "vernacular" constructions characterize an era, it is the architecture of people who have implemented their knowledge and their culture with the traditional techniques of implementation of local materials.

Ferme traditionnelle

This is why these homes are so popular and some of them sometimes offer good levels of comfort, having been converted into a second home.

Develop activities 

Unlike an apartment or a detached house in the city center, investing in a farmhouse or buying a longhouse allows you to develop outdoor activities.

If the land is exploitable, why not grow your own fruit and vegetables for personal consumption? Natural foods, grown by you, on your plates and on a daily basis. It's both an economical solution and a healthier lifestyle choice for you and your family.

Of course, if you feel the capacity and the desire, you can always increase the productions and sell your fruits and vegetables in order to reap the benefits!
Some are tempted by permaculture to undertake a beneficial approach and interaction with nature.

The other reason to invest in a farmhouse is that you can, if you do not use it as your main home, make it a home. For tourists, lovers, or families, your farmhouse can turn into a guest house, cottage, or hotel. You thus make your investment profitable and repay your credit. A rental business in professional furniture (LMP) can be considered.
More and more city dwellers come to find a pleasant living environment, by associating it with the practice of telecommuting, more and more widespread and how much directly beneficial for the health!

transformed farm

Horse enthusiasts, equestrian or horse-breeding activities find beautiful pasture and adapted buildings. They can take care of their companions, and make beautiful walks in the forest and on hiking trails.

The Center region offers many activities for those who wish to improve their level.

The education of children outside the tumult of the city is perfectly in line with the natural lifestyle choices.

Investing in a farmhouse therefore has many economic benefits. It offers more pleasant living conditions, sought by investors. While buying a farm requires a radical change in lifestyle, the benefits are real.