Let's simulate your loan

Tradim-Immobilier, your Gien agency, can help you calculate the real estate loan.
You can directly use the financing simulator on the description page of each property. It will give you a precise estimate according to your contribution and the price of the property to acquire.

What to take into account

Be careful, to estimate the total price of the good that you will acquire, think carefully to integrate all the ancillary costs. A loan calculation requires that you have collected all the expense items related to the acquisition.

At the price of the good itself, will be added the cost of the transaction, which percentage usually falls to the purchaser; notary fees, which actually include taxes, not just the remuneration of the notary.

In each of the property presentations we offer you will find an estimate of notary fees.

But also, do not forget to include the cost of the renovation you have estimated.

In deduction of the amount of the purchase, come naturally your personal contribution, but also possibly any capital lent by the region or by your employer, for example within the framework of the loan with zero rate.

Then, remember that your borrowing capacity may change over time depending on your income. The duration of the loan and the conditions of early repayment are very important for the calculation of the loan.

Pinel Law

For a rental investment, you should take into account the benefits granted by the law Pinel, if you enter into its legal framework.

Real Estate Loan Insurance

It is common for buyers to focus on the borrowing rate, that is, the rate at which the bank will lend them. But there are other amounts that can be negotiated, such as the one related to mortgage insurance.

Trading is possible today since the borrower is not obliged to take out this insurance with the lending institution: he can call on an insurance company to put him in competition with the bank.

These sums, which may seem at first sight of small amounts, sometimes allow to play on tens of thousands of euros and change the calculation of the loan.