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Selling real estate: compromise or promise of sale ?

Publié par Administrator User, le 20 April 2018

Sell a real estate in compromise of sale or in promise of sale ? When one decides to buy or sell a property, a long process is undertaken. These exchanges between the buyer and the seller, when they result in a concrete agreement, can be supported by a promise of sale or certified by the signing of a sales agreement. What are the differences between each of these two contracts? Tradim Real Estate gives you some answers !What is a promise to sell ?In concrete terms, when a promise to sell is signed, it is the owner who makes a commitment to the buyer: he promises to sell a property at a specific price. This is known as a unilateral contract, contrary to the signing of a sales agreement, which is termed synallagmatic (in other words, each of the two parties commits each other).In other words...

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Sales agreement: What are the key points ?

Publié par Administrator User, le 21 December 2017

Signing a sales agreement: mistakes to avoid The acquisition of real estate is an important event, the result of a long wait and careful preparation. When negotiations finally lead to a sales agreement, the feeling of accomplishment and euphoria can quickly win both the current owner and the buyer. Such an agreement corresponds to the purchase and sale commitment on the part of both parties.But this moment of grace must not lose sight of the final goal of the exchange: the transaction! We offer you a little overview of the pitfalls to avoid.To give too little importance to the procedure of the sales agreement On the owner's side, it is important to check that all the necessary documents have been delivered to the buyer after the signing of the sales agreement. The latter has indeed a withd...

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