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Real estate loan calculation: the different criteria to take into account

Publié par Administrator User, le 13 March 2018

Calculation of a mortgage loan: which criteria to take into account ? The first thing to know about real estate loan calculation is that banks and credit agencies receive a lot of application files. In fact, they very often proceed by elimination and treat the simplest files in appearance.At Tradim-immobilier, our first advice would be to try, at best, not to complicate your file by adding unnecessary documents or overloading useless documents.In their mortgage calculation, banks generally evaluate a file according to two major criteria: the nature of the revenues and the durability of the financial situation. The objective is to analyze whether or not the mortgage will be refundable. La nature des revenusLorsque le banquier analyse votre dossier, il se concentre sur la nature de vos reven...

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Resell with a current mortgage

Publié par Administrator User, le 27 November 2017

Can we consider the resale of real estate before the end of the credit ? Yes. It is possible to carry out an anticipated resale. It is planned and regulated in the mortgage agreement. The vagaries of life can sometimes lead you there: divorce, death, or simply change, in France or abroad. That's why it's important to attach importance to it. For if it is impossible to foresee everything, the banks and the insurances, they, employ themselves there, since they meet all the cases of figure.You can resell whenever you wantOf course, once you become homeowners, it is up to you to choose the use you want to make of your property, including its sale. It's up to you right. You have no legal deadline to wait. That you have not finished paying your loan is another matter, which concerns your relatio...

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