Buying a property: how to find the rare pearl ?

Publié par Administrator User, le 11 November 2018

How to find your dream property ?Buying a property is a decision that must normally meet specific needs, especially in terms of comfort and ergonomics. The choice of the ideal residence must indeed take into account the level of comfort desired, the adequacy with the personal tastes and the distance with the usual place of work, among others.That said, when it comes to buying real estate, one thing is to have a clear idea of the ideal housing for oneself, and another is to give oneself the means to find it and acquire it!Start by defining your needsOne of the most effective ways to find the building of your dreams is to contact the best real estate agency near you. But before making a real estate acquisition, one must first define its needs. In this context, it is recommended that a list o...

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Second home: how to invest wisely ?

Publié par Administrator User, le 22 October 2018

Buy a second home: make the right choiceA second home, also called a secondary house, is a dwelling used as a vacation home for its owners, for periods of relatively short duration (weekends, holidays, etc.). Such a real estate acquisition can prove to be advantageous for more than one reason, and this is why more and more people are interested. However, for a profitable investment, it is still necessary to be able to make the right choice for your second home !Why buy such housing ?There are several advantages to buying a second home. In the first place, a secondary house is an obvious source of well-being. And for good reason, the owner can decide to go there at any time of the year to break with the daily routine and stress without any reservation beforehand.Secondly, a second home cons...

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The double interest in buying and renovating a farmhouse

Publié par Administrator User, le 03 October 2018

Renovation of a farmhouse: for what purpose ?Among the real estate purchases, many are content to observe what is available in major cities: houses, buildings, apartments ... However, less populated cities also have good investments to offer. For example, you might think that an old decrepit farmhouse is not a good investment. And if it was the opposite ?Buying a property to renovate: an advantage ?At first glance, buying a farmhouse and then having to renovate it is not a good investment. The costs are multiplied, the property is not usable immediately after having bought it, and moreover, it is about a body of farm, of which most of the buildings which compose it have more use today 'hui.And yet, there is more to gain than you might think. To begin, from a financial point of view, you sh...

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Hunting territory: an interesting real estate investment

Publié par Administrator User, le 02 October 2018

Why invest in a hunting area ?For those who want to invest, it is important to know how to diversify your wealth. Nowadays, putting your money in the bank is no longer, by far, the most interesting way to make it grow.Investment in real estate, though it may be riskier in some cases, can yield in return a lot more.So why not invest in an atypical place, like a hunting area?Invest in real estateThere are many ways to invest smartly. More and more French people decide to invest in a second home, as revealed by this study conducted by the Elabe Cabinet for Crédit Foncier.Others prefer to invest in more atypical places, such as a hunting territory. There may be two reasons for investing in a hunting area:- To be able to rent it and thus, in the long term, to make the investment profitable- To ...

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Selling real estate: compromise or promise of sale?

Publié par Administrator User, le 20 April 2018

Sell a real estate in compromise of sale or in promise of sale ?When one decides to buy or sell a property, a long process is undertaken. These exchanges between the buyer and the seller, when they result in a concrete agreement, can be supported by a promise of sale or certified by the signing of a sales agreement. What are the differences between each of these two contracts? Tradim Real Estate gives you some answers !What is a promise to sell ?In concrete terms, when a promise to sell is signed, it is the owner who makes a commitment to the buyer: he promises to sell a property at a specific price. This is known as a unilateral contract, contrary to the signing of a sales agreement, which is termed synallagmatic (in other words, each of the two parties commits each other).In other words,...

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